Shams company setup

Shams Free Zone is one of the top free zones in UAE; offering a world class media hub with state of the art facilities; and services to a large number of investors as well as entrepreneurs around the globe. SHAMS free zone was start in January 2017 and is the fast growing free zone since then. The beauty of SHAMS free zone company formation is that it offers a wide range of commercial as well as professional activities; and also allows the combination of these activities. The process of Shams Free zone company setup is simple as well as straight forward.

Documents required for company setup in Shams free zone are simple. Shams company setup uses the suffix of LLC which is same as mainland LLC company formation. Shams company setup can be done remotely; and also Shams free zone company setup documents are online verifiable which helps in international acceptability.

Why Shams Company Setup

  • Shams Company setup packages starting as low as AED: 11,500.
  • Shams free zone Company setup offers compound activities in the same license (trading, service, media industrial)
  • 100% repatriation of Capital are allow in shams free trade zone
  • 100% foreign ownership are also allow in shams free trade zone
  • Shams free zone offer 0% corporate or income tax
  • Shams free zone company use the suffix of LLC.
  • Full company setup process can be done remotely in Shams free zone
  • Shams free zone company setup enjoys easy and fast banking facilities
  • Sharjah media city companies don’t require E Channel deposit of 5,000

Why us for shams company setup

We are approve consultants in Shams free zone offering a full scale of services; that is to tycoons and investors who want to setup company in Shams Free zone. We have a keen and expert team serving to Shams free zone company formation clients. We offer a one stop shop for all your company set up solution. Our team is here to assist you so that you can focus on your strategic planning and other important decision making tasks. Our consultants will take care of all the company set up, visa processing and other legal issues.

Over the years, we have establish a practical as well as a client requirement oriented approach; that is towards the company set up  which helps us to suggest the legal form of the company; also free zone or main land area, customs rules, VAT  and other legal issues. We have a very good experience in banking sector for shams free zone company bank account opening and we are having a success rate of 90% plus.

Legal Forms for Company setup in Sharjah Media City

  • A limited liability company
  • Branch of foreign company
  • Subsidiary Company registration

Business license types for shams free zone company setup

  • Service License
  • Trading license
  • Industrial License
  • Social Media Influencer License

License Packages for shams free zone company setup

Shams free zone company setup packages are flexible and designed to tailor the requirements of the investors. Shams company setup packages starting from AED: 11,500. Package differs on number of visa required. Please consult with our team member for further details.

Documents required for shams company setup

  • Color Passport Copy of the owner
  • UAE visit visa or entry stamp if applicable
  • Proof of address
  • Application and under takings
  • Color photograph with white

Corporate Shareholder documents

  • Certificate of incorporation
  • Certificate of incumbency / good standing
  • Memorandum of association
  • Board resolution
  • Company manager KYC documents (same as shareholder documents mentioned above)

Timeline for Shams free zone company setup

Shams free zone company formation with zero visa option will be done within 2 days. Company with visa option will take 3 to 4 working days; but it also depends on the residence visa of the shareholder as well as nationality of the owner. Some investor nationalities need pre approval from immigration. Please contact us for the further details

Some key note about Shams company setup

  • Sharjah Media City free zone allow up to 50 share holders
  • Shams free zone allows maximum of 4 directors in a shams free zone company; Also the shareholder should have a minimum of 19 years age
  • The employees of Shams free zone company should be at least of 18 years old
  • Sharjah Media City free zone allow a maximum age for investor visa is 69 years
  • The maximum age for employee visa is 57 years
  • MOA will be issue if in case shams free zone company have more than 1 shareholder; however company with 1 shareholder can also apply for MOA by paying addition fee
  • There may be Additional documents needed for some professional as well as financial activities
  • Some business activity needs third party approval or we can say an NOC. Client need to manage external approvals
  • If you are going for Educational activity then you need to submit a proper business plan or outline.
  • If you are the national or either just born in the following countries; then you need a pre-approval. The countries are Iran, Somalia, Yemen, Tunisia Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Algeria; Nigeria, Lebanon, Sierra Leone, Bangladesh; Ethiopia, Liberia, Guinea, Kenya, Palestine, Egypt, Libya, as well as Turkey
  • All the Sharjah Media City free zone companies should have share capital value of AED 100,000 by default.
  • All the shams free zone firms should renew or cancel the license before the expiry.
  • For multi company, additional approvals will be needed for shareholder, director as well as manager
  • Shams free zone company share holders, Manager as well as Directors will be required to undergo for their Identity Verification; before the application processing and final issuing of the company license.
  • The above identity verification outcome is only valid for next 6 months upon the issuance of the shams business license

Visa Related Key Notes for company setup in Shams free zone

  • If in case you want to cancel your visa application; then you will not get any refund; and if in case you want to start the same process again; then you will start this from the first stage and you will pay new fee for this.
  • If you have any over stay fines, then you will settle that fine.
  • All the immigration cards will be help by Shams free zone and company will receive an electronic copy.
  • Shams free zone authority is not responsible for any employee related issues
  • All the visa holders have to visit UAE within 180 days of their exit date from the country.
  • In case of immigration card rejection, you need to select either to down grade the package; or cancel the license within 90 days of the rejection notification
  • Diplomatic passports is not acceptable for visa and immigration card
  • Some activities are subject to the approval of immigration
  • Number of visa can be down grade or up graded if you as a owner of company requests
  • Overstay fines will keep incurring until the change of status is done.
  • You can not exit UAE until the change of status and visa stamping process is complete; so we advise clients to discuss with us about their travel plans
  • If you are entering UAE on entry visa, please check with your air for OK to Board stamp
  • For Any further questions or queries, please feel free to contact us.