Shams Free Zone Company Formation

Sharjah media city is located in the state of Sharjah; that is the cultural center of the UAE. It is also famous as Shams free zone. Shams free zone was established in January 2017. The dream of Sharjah media city free zone is to be a world class free zone; that is for media as well as creativity in the UAE. The mission of Sharjah media city free zone is to create creative personal reachable; as well as encourage business progress in the state. The Shams free zone company formation community also eyeing after an exciting bio network for revolution to live; learn as well as co-create.

Sharjah media city free zone outlook as a world class free zone center for innovation; Shams free zone produce the standard for service; so that to give facilitation to those who is wishing to start and setup their business; with professional conveniences for the creative along with media productions. A Sharjah media city free zone also offers smart new services. That is together with a full community and focus approach. This free zone brought uncountable value on local content and raises the spirits of entrepreneur from inside this blooming community.

The mission of Shams free zone company formation is to make a private creativity available to all interested person. SMEs and established companies determined to develop their business both locally as well as internationally. Shams free zone is a dynamic creativity which creates a solid link; that is with the brilliant persons that it attracts to the region. As an innovative and advance intellectual community; it will stimulate and form our world and celebrate it many successes; both individually as well as in a group.

Benefit of Shams Free Zone Company Formation

Shams free zone is a newly born free zone as well as a new addition to the UAE free zones. It offers a brilliant package to set up company in this very free zone. The cost effective and time efficient process creates shams free zone is the ideal choice for free zone company formation.

  • Shams Free zone company set up offers 100% overseas ownership
  • No need of Physical presence in the UAE; that is to form your new company in the free zone
  • Sham free zone company setup charges starting from AED 11,500
  • It offers 0% import and 0% export duties. As well as it has 0% personal income tax
  • It offers very simple processes for company formation and also for visa processing.
  • NOC is not obliges to set up a company in shams Free zone.
  • No constraint on capital return and on profit. 100% free transfer of funds
  • It will issue company formation documentation in only 2 days.
  • No paid up share capital and no annual audit needed; that is for the renewal of the company.
  • No restriction on going to hiring new overseas employees

Type of Shams Free zone company formation

Shams Free Zone Company Formation
Shams Free Zone Company Formation

Sharjah media city free zone represents an innocent as well as advanced situation for shams free zone company formation. It offers so many advantages to foreign investors; such as 0% corporate, import and export taxes, besides to other advantages. The UAE is well famous trading center in the world; which mostly boast non-oil zone which donates nearly 70% of the GDP; 45% of which is donated by Sharjah trading activities. Sharjah media city free zone demands to join the community of thousands of entrepreneurs; who have effectively started his business; and are now the parts of this flourishing community.

Sharjah Media City free zone company formation as LLC

An LLC Shams free zone company formation is a free body. That is where the business structure splits the shareholders from the company. The responsibilities of the company are confine to the extent of the share of the shareholder. So the company asset is belonging to the company and is not the individual assets of the shareholders. This sort of a company is Independent operating company. An LLC Shams free zone company formation will get a proper license. It also allows you to sponsor your family as well as employee. And one of the key things is that it allows for opening a bank account.

Shams Free zone company formation as a branch

A branch company formation in Shams free zone is an entity that belongs to an existing company. All earnings, benefits and gains along with other incomes of the branch; will be the revenues and advantages including other returns of the parent company. Similarly, all the charges, all the expenses as well as all the debts of the branch; are costs of the parent company. Branch company formation in sharjah Shams free zone is allow on accomplishment of a proper license; it also allow to acquire sponsor as well as employee visa. And one of the key things is that branch in Sharjah free zone company formation are allows to open a bank account

License for company formation in Sharjah Media City free zone

There are three main kind of a license allow in Sharjah Media City free zone.

Service License

Services license in Shams free zone will allow you for production and delivery of services as well as renovation. This type of a license is issue for those who are in the field of service to other.

Trading License

Trading license in Sharjah Media City free zone allows marketing of goods within Sharjah Media City free zone; or importing and exporting of goods outside the free zone. It includes all physical goods.

Industrial License

Industrial license is for those people who want to manufacturing goods in free zone; or want to form an industrial factory.

We are register and approve consultant of Shams free zone. We can guide you the best solution to open your business in Sharjah Media City free zone. You have many options to contact us via email and make a call today!

Company formation in Hamriyah free zone

There are a lot of free trade zones are present in majority of the states of UAE other than Dubai. But now, most of those free trade zone are giving importance. For such purpose, each and every state is not only in the development of increasing the number; but also the standard of those free trade zones. An example in this regards is that the emirate of Sharjah. This emirate has the 3rd leading number of free trade zone after Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Out of these free zones in Sharjah, the most vital as well as most important one is Hamriyah free zone (HFZ). And company formation in Hamriyah free zone is one of the fastest in the Sharjah free zone company formation.

The fact about Hamriyah free trade zone is that it is not only the most vital free zone in Sharjah. But it is also one of the quick, and the second largest in UAE after JAFZA. Majority of the free trade zone in UAE is focus on one business. But Hamriyah is one among those free trade zones which offer opportunities for a number of industries.

This free trade zone in Sharjah is divided into various zones. These are Hamriyah SME zone, Hamriyah Logistic Village along with Hamriyah MB Zone. All these zones provide opportunities for the Company formation in Hamriyah free zone of different kinds. Another important feature of this free trade zone is that it is on a strategic position within the UAE.

Company formation in Hamriyah free zone

One of the central factors that give an edge to Hamriyah company formation; that is, cost effective Hamriyah free zone company formation. It means one can start a business at a comparatively lower cost and get same benefits; which are available in most of the other free zones in UAE. Thanks to comprehensive business opportunities as well as low cost; company formation in Hamriyah free zone is mostly feasible for SMEs and micro businesses. Apart from that, large industries also are sponsors due to the supply of warehouses.

The two main types of company formation in HFZ. These are free trade zone establishment (FZE) along with free trade zone Company (FZC). The minimum share capital for both these type of company is AED 150,000. But in case if you are searching to form a branch of local or international company. Then you don’t need of a share capital to form your branch in this free zone.

Hamriyah free zone license cost

In order to take the idea of the expense of the company formation in Hamriyah free zone. Then it is must to know about the types of offices and facilities available here. HFZ is offering several types of packages for company formation in Hamriyah free zone. The cost of company setup in this free zone mainly depends on the selection of these packages.

There are total 5 options which are accessible for company formation in Hamriyah free zone. The costs for all these packages are diverse and are further divide into various sub-packages.

HBC Offices for Hamriyah free zone company formation

A company formation in HFZ with one partner can select such sort of office. There are 2 packages obtainable during this category. Most of the features are mutual in both such packages. They are accessible with a commercial service license. With this type of packages, 3 service activities or trading of up to 3 product categories are permitted

The only dissimilarity between both these package is that the number of visas one can apply for. The 1st package permit only one visa; while the 2nd package allows for four visas. There is no need to show a bank letter for both of these types of packages. As there is a slight or no difference between these two packages, therefore the difference in cost is in addition marginal.

Executive Office for Hamriyah free zone company formation

Company formation in Hamriyah free zone
Company formation in Hamriyah free zone

This is the leading supreme office existing for company formation in Hamriyah free zone. There are 5 kinds of packages available during such sort of office. A critical difference between these packages is that the size of offices existing. These offices are obtainable from 15 m2 to 40 m2 of sizes. Most of the opposite facilities are similar.

E office for Hamriyah free zone company formation

There are 3 types of packages available for such sort of office. Package 1 can only obtainable for a free zone company (FZC) with 2 to 4 shareholders. In such package you are allows to practice only 3 service activities or 3 trading product category.

The 2nd along with 3rd package are available for FZE company formation in HFZ and FZC (2-4 shareholders); and also for a branch. 5 services or products alongside 6 visas are sanction in package 2. General trading along with investment together with 7 visas is available with package 3.
The charges of those three packages of E office is different according with their features. Package 1 is that the least costly one while Package 3 is that the uppermost package for businesses.

Warehouse for company formation in HFZ

Warehouses are offered for giant industrial units. Here during this option, one can acquire several packages consistent with the requirement of the corporate. There are 3 packages existing for warehouses. The sizes of these packages are different while there is a difference within the nature of facilities available for these packages.
Extra charges for a license, service charge and incorporation fee as well as refundable deposit are a minimum of AED 22,500. Warehouses are offered from 276 m2 to 614 m2 in sizes. There are a exceptional number of offices along with other facilities available in these 3 different types of warehouse packages.

Prime Industrial Land for company formation in HFZ

If you would like to make your own industrial structure; then for such purpose the land is available in Hamriyah free zone. You will purchase plots as prime industrial land from 2,500 m2 in size. This land is out there with a lowest price of AED 30/m2. A hard as well as fast land lease is out there for the primary 10 years. Investors are sanction to develop up to 60% of the plots.

Whole details about the final cost of company set up in Hamriyah Free Zone can only be known after taking guidance from a challenging consultancy firm. You can contact us for such purpose.

Saif zone company formation

Saif zone company formation offers you some of the most eyes catching benefit in the region. It include the high speed of service along with ease of process. If in case you think about the long and complex process of company setup in UAE. Then it can be a serious hurdle to potential investors. But Saif zone company formation is the one which can be done in a 24 hour. This allows a business to be up and running faster than has ever been possible before.

The client base is among the biggest in the world from one inner most hubs. It offer you to enter to more than two billion people; within a four hour flight as well as one of the most spirited Emirates in the UAE. Sharjah is known as one of the top in industrial activity. Its connotations to the rest of the world are accessible and regardless of where your customers are base. A company setup in saif zone offers you with all the earnings of a personal; along with corporate tax free income with zero import export duties.

Saif zone company formation

Flexibility has always been one of the important objectives of Saif zone company formation. It offers you an office space from a single office space to entire manufacturing facilities. It includes everything in between; the options are anticipated to accommodate each and every business scenario. There are storage areas, warehouses, container parking, bunkers as well as labor housing. All these are available at a very low costs and supreme quality. Sharjah free zone company formation provided an unrestricted staff to support your business along with sponsorship as well as visas; for in-house workers to create the transition to a new workplace as smooth as possible.

Thanks to these options, some of the world’s most inspiring companies operating in SAIF ZONE. It offers some of the additional personal as well as corporate benefit of 100% foreign ownership. 100% return of profits along with 100% free transfer of funds. All these aspect earn a strong case for company setup in SAIF zone.

Benefits of Saif zone company formation

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (Saif zone company formation) has been operational for more than two decades now. Investors are still coming to perform Saif zone company formation because of its compensation; which duly meet the needs of the business owners along with what they are looking for in a location.

Following are the list of benefits that you can get; when giving for company setup in SAIF Zone.

100% foreign ownership are allow for Saif zone company formation

If you are an expat and want to setup a company in saif zone; then you don’t need a local sponsor. This is completely opposite from the mainland that needs you to find a local sponsor; who will enjoy 51% of your company’s shares. In such situation, it means that being in a free zone it will give you 100% ownership of your business.

Company setup in saif zone has Tax exemption

Even though value added tax (VAT) has earlier been implemented in the country; decreasing onto some supplies and services; organizations are still not binding to pay corporate and income tax also to the government. This is still realized as a massive advantage for the businessmen; who are looking for tax exemption from such kinds of taxes.

Saif zone company formation
Saif zone company formation

No Office Space Needed for company setup in Saif zone

In such free zone, having a physical presence in the site is not obligatory. Companies are given the opportunity to not lease an office space, as well as still have up to three visas. Such kind of offer is for freelancers along with single owners who do not have to stay in office to work. This is indeed a good agreement to have since they can have an up-and-running business; without having to go through the processes of setting up a business.

License for Saif zone company formation

Trade License
General Trading General Trading license can be acquire under a commercial license which allows a large number of products.
Commercial License Import and Export, Distribution, consolidation, storage or warehousing of items specified in the license, Maximum limit is three similar product lines.
Industrial License Import of raw materials, manufacturing, assembling, processing, packaging as well as exporting the finished manufactured goods.
Service license Service license allows the holder to carry out service specified in the license only.  All kind of services is permitted unless otherwise restricted by the Federal or local authorities.

Saif zone company formation cost

New Special Package* to set up your business at the Sharjah Airport Free zone

Saif zone license fees

No of Visas: 10

Package Details Fee in AED
Lease rental for the SAIF Suite – 24 sqm (annually) 28,800
Miscellaneous charges 3,300
License Fee that is Service or Commercial License (annually) 7,500
Refundable Lease Deposit (One time) nil
Total** 39,600


No of Visas: 3

Package Details Fee in AED
Lease rental for the SAIF Desk (annually) 7,700
Miscellaneous charges 3,300
License Fee, that is Service/Commercial License (annually) 7,500
Total** 18,500


No of Visas: 5

Package Details Fee in AED
Lease rental for the SAIF Office – 15 sqm (annually) 12,200
Miscellaneous charges 3,300
License Fee that is Service/Commercial License (annually) 7,500
Total** 23,000

The Discounted Rental costs for the services will be valid as per the lease terms & conditions which will be applicable for first 2 years. Visa and PO Box charges are not includes in it. PO Box charges are additional 1000 per year. 5% VAT will be applicable on service charges.

The time frame required to form company is 2 working days. We will support you in setting up a New Company with Office as well as receiving your Visas. We also offer a complete assistance in the documentation; that is for creation a Branch / 100% Subsidiary of Foreign Company.